PAGANI ATF - DCT automatic transmission oil

Two-clutch gearboxes are one of the most up-to-date and best gearboxes in the world, which use special technologies to increase the speed of shifting so much that the driver does not feel the shifting at all.
Pagani company, using its experienced and good engineers, was able to design and supply oil to the market that can lubricate this type of gearbox easily and smoothly.
This product is called ATF-DCT. This psychoanalyst is no exception to the rest of Pagani products and the best of the world has been used for raw materials Petronas Malaysia base oil and Additive from Eni Italy and Afton are used to keep you, dear consumers, satisfied.
This oil is used in the gearbox and differential of the car. Gearbox oil is made of materials that protect the gears well, and it should be said that the differential oil has more complex compounds than the gearbox oil. These oils are classified as engine oils based on the API quality identifier. The main property of gear oil is high compatibility with gearbox metals as well as high viscosity. Perhaps the most important issue with gear oil is its viscosity. The concentration of gear oil is much higher than engine oil. The entry of dust particles into this oil and its long use and operation at high temperatures reduces the properties of the oil. For this reason, we must check the gear oil regularly, like other oils, to prevent damage to the car.